Creating One-of-a-kind Hand Marbled Stationery and Fashion Accessories

Using the traditional marbling techniques of Suminagashi and Ebru I hand marble silk to create my silk note cards and scarves. The improvisational nature of marbling guarantees that all of my designs are original and unique. Each design is printed only once, never to be duplicated exactly. This give you an original piece of art to express that special sentiment, with one of my silk note cards, or reveal your distinctive style with one of my silk scarves.

I have been marbling silk for quite a while but my interest in marbling all started with a family vacation to Colonial Williamsburg where I witnessed marbling for the first time. I had come across the marbled end papers in old books in the library and been fascinated by them but never knew where they came from or how they were made. In Williamsburg I saw an artist, in colonial garb, give a demonstration of how to marble paper. I was transfixed and spent most of the afternoon watching him marble piece after piece. He was very patient with me and answered all my questions and I never forgot that afternoon.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I’m living in Brooklyn and have established a career as a Chef in New York City. In my spare time I find ways to stay creative and one of my favorites is to shop for fabric and sew. I frequent a sewing store in Park Slope that holds workshops of all types. In one of their newsletters I saw a notice for a workshop on marbling fabric and I immediately signed up. There my fascination with marbling joined with my love of fabric and my passion was ignited. I set up a part of my apartment as my studio and started experimenting and learning. As I started making scarves and giving them as gifts, I started getting orders for scarves and as they increased I decided to activate my Etsy Shop and offer my scarves and other products that I make using my marbled silk.

Now I have a studio space in Brooklyn where I continue to marble and experiment with new techniques and explore new ways to expand my line of fashion and home accessories. Thank you for visiting my shop and if you have any questions about my process or any of my items, please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer any of your questions.

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